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Target your audience right on their mobile devices with a stellar mobile marketing strategy from Outturn that implements all the key components defining success.

Bring mobile at the center of your marketing activities with Outturn

We live in an age when businesses are pursued, marketed, promoted and accessed online mostly through the mobile devices which have already eclipsed the desktop usage. You hardly find any face which is not glued to the smartphones.

In such a scenario, a healthy combination of mobile marketing strategies specifically optimized for your business type, industry and target audience can do wonders in increasing your site visit and conversions. So, get going and be mobile ready!  

If your digital marketing plans don’t include mobile marketing, you need to rethink your plans!

Why mobile marketing for your business?

·        Major segment of consumers navigate on their devices for the information related to your product or services

·        Mobiles are the key communication tool between businesses and their consumers

·        It offers your customers more personalized, time and location sensitive information even when they are on a go

·        It allows you to reach your prospects on other medium of their interest instead of depending solely on your website visit

Components of mobile marketing campaign at Outturn.

At Outturn, we adopt a mobile-first digital marketing approach considering the remarkable shift in users’ behavior who consumer larger part of digital content from mobile devices rather than desktop. Not only this, mobile app marketing is also an integral part of our marketing efforts which gives it a holistic appeal by encompassing all aspects like keyword analysis, visual creatives, featuring, app weight, store ad, branding and more that can impact the likability and downloads of your app. Other key components that make us a preferred mobile marketing agency are listed below:

  •       Mobile-friendly websites that load, scroll, and zoom faster for a rich user experience
  •       SMS and MMS marketing campaigns which are escalated during specific time to promote videos, send product alerts, or reminders.
  •       Responsive email designs and mobile-friendly landing pages that reduce the bounce rate of viewers
  •       Mobile apps developed with right strategy and roadmap to drive profound engagement of the customers which further support acquisition, engagement and conversion
  •       App store optimization to improve visibility on Apple iOS and Google Play that brings more downloads for your business app

How does Outturn plan, implement, and optimize your mobile marketing program?

  1.     Understanding the audience and creating buyer’s personal to choose the most viable channel of mobile promotion
  2.     Defining the mobile marketing goals and key performance indicators across customer lifecycle in all the channels
  3.     Establish measurable KPIs to access the success of mobile marketing campaigns over a period of time
  4.     Evaluate the performance through Google analytics on the mobile usage of your site and make appropriate changes to ensure the best return on your investment

An effective and thoroughly planned mobile marketing campaign can be the super catalyst in your marketing efforts with potential to bring unmatched numbers of acquisitions, engagement and user retention. It’s time to be “mobile-perfect” in your digital marketing efforts. Get started!

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