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The ingenuine and creative ecommerce marketing services from Outturn can help you win and achieve your business dreams at highly competitive costs.

Challenges Faced by the E-Commerce Sector

Acquiring the customers

Today’s customers are aware and diverse. Their behavior in searching, selecting and buying a product depends on a lot many factors where you can get an edge over your competitors if you reach your customers on their platforms offering exactly what they need. This requires cost-effective branding which can make you visible at the right spots.

Converting visitors into buyers

Many e-Commerce players suffer from poor conversion rates. If you lose to drive and hook your customers to your website, they might go to your competitors. A well-planned relationship building with customers and retargeting them through your new products and services might make them pay on your website rather than others.  

Building brand loyalty

The number of competitors playing online even put your existing customers at risk. Retaining them and their loyalty, in the long run, is quite challenging these days. You need to effectively engage and attract your customers to maintain and grown your user base. 

Bring your business to multiple online channels & platforms with eCommerce Digital Marketing

An online market is a busy and ever-growing place with flooding competitors. Not only the online stores but brick-and-mortar stores that wish to sell online face a huge competition in gaining visibility and carving a user base. With eCommerce digital marketing, you reach your prospects, viewers, buyers and loyal customers at various platforms where they are.

It is a great channel that allows you to sell at more than one place and grab customers from more than one location. The other aspect of eCommerce advertising service also ensures that your customers come back to you, refer their friends and talk about your brand to a wider audience. It’s simply about weaving your business story online.

 “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Why eCommerce marketing for your business?

  •       To build brand awareness and drive customer loyalty
  •       To drive traffic to your site, turn them into buying customers and retain them post-purchase
  •       To be vocal about your business and to communicate and engage with your customers
  •       To learn about customer’s behavior, their feedback, scope of improvisations and align your business to a path of success.

OutTurn’s eCommerce Services: Empowering your digital business dreams

The decade-long experience of Outturn as a trusted eCommerce marketing agency comes handy to clients across different industry verticals get a booming online business. We give your products a stellar presence in front of your audience that is hard to overlook. From increasing your website organic traffic to nurturing leads and customers, building loyal community, and brand awareness through advanced advertising tactics, we can help you with lot more critical aspects of a successful eCommerce SEO services.

strategic social media marketing over FaceBook, Instagram and other channels by placing display ads, social feed and shoppable content to drive customers to the shopping cart.

  • Content marketing including optimization of your product page, blog posting, guest posting, videos, and keyword-drive FAQs and other website content.
  • Amazon Storefront and branding services including Amazon listing optimization, registering, portal on-boarding, and subsequent promotions.
  • Amazon sponsored ad campaigns including product display ads, video ads, sponsored brand management, and more to reach buyers and not only the viewers.
  • eCommerce PPC campaigns, display campaigns, and product-specific ad campaigns that bring potential buyers to your website.
  • Systematic email marketing that will reach out to prospects and existing subscribers at different stages of buyer’s journey like for post-purchase follow-up or to touch customers who abandoned their shopping cart.
  • Google shopping campaigns to bring your products at the top of the page along with visual content, custom labels, automatic updates and precise reporting.

At Outturn, we help you accurately measure and track the outcome of each marketing campaign to estimate your ROI and take the best decisions. So, it’s time to give a tweak to your business, leverage customer attention and grow faster with well-planned eCommerce marketing services and see the rise in your sales and success.

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