Digital Marketing for Fashion Industry

With thousands of brands operating online, its mandatory for fashion industry players to put their name out across a larger audience. Today, with massive portion of your buyers seeking product information over the internet, you can stand out only when you have a foolproof marketing plan and a super powerful website allowing host of successful visitor activities. Digital marketing for fashion-industry takes care of all these aspects that can impact your business for overall success and growth.

Challenges confronting the Fashion Industry 

More competitors than ever:

You might already be marketing and advertising your fashion brand, but the challenge has also cropped up with the increasing number of competing brands. This requires aggressive strategies and unique branding and positioning to stay ahead of your competitors.

Industry-specific changes:

Shifting the entire product range with detailed descriptions, image catalogues, and features to a virtual interface is a daunting task. On top of that, making your customers aware of your product quality, new arrivals, style options, season fashion etc are too crucial for you to be successful online. This first step starts with the development of a responsive, easy-to-navigate website and continues with repeat digital marketing efforts.

Tradition marketing does not work:

The days of promotions over fashion magazines and leaflets have gone now. These expensive methods of marketing give limited exposure and minimal results. With major segment of your prospective buyers on social medial and internet, a well-planned digital media marketing strategy can yield multifold results for you at comparatively low cost.

How Outturn’s tailor-made services for the fashion industry can help you?

Put SEO in action:

Search Engine Optimization is the main machinery that will bring results for all your upcoming digital efforts in the pipeline. 95% of potential customers look for the products only on the first page of search engines. We help you target the right keywords to boost your site’s rankings and get you closer to your buyers.

SMS, eMail, and Whatsapp marketing:

These are the best channels to promote your upcoming collection and lure the customers through effective images and product descriptions. We have achieved awarding results through such personalized campaigns and can deploy the same for your brand with proper optimization in place.

Content marketing:

You can notice a visible upturn in user engagement through effective content marketing strategies including blog posts, press releases, social media posts, YouTube videos, and more regarding your product style or the fashion trends. Remember, people are more driven towards the things they read about and are aware of.

Focus on events:

Fashion has a lot to do with events, occasions and celebrations. As an experienced digital marketing agency, we can’t ignore the vitality of timing in digital strategies. That is why we design and run campaigns at times when they are mostly viewed and people really look for them. Festivities, wedding seasons, new year, and holidays are a few occasions when our marketing campaigns get more aggressive and targeted. However, the SEO we run keep yielding results for you, all year round.

PPC Ads:

Good visuals are a must to sell fashion products online. Our in-house ad-managers work in tandem with the highly skilled designers to come out with ad images that speak louder than words. They work wonders in gaining traffic to your website and make conversions.  We assure you to offer the best quote with every expense completely tracked and reported to you on time.

Customer engagement through SMM:

Connecting with new prospects and keeping your existing customers engaged is crucial for your growth.  We can help you run campaigns that connect and resonate with your audience over various social media platforms. Giveaway competitions, interesting quizzes, fashion tales, and the like will help your brand build a sense of community among your buyers and sellers.

A lot can be done using digital marketing that provides you the right tools to increase your brand awareness and keep your customers engaged. This will not only maximize your profits gradually but will also increase your customer base which is loyal.

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